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Dates What Contact
aftermeeting 719 Euclid Ave Evie
next few meetings Membership $15 Stephanie
Thursday @ 9PM E-room movie night Evan (610)295-9089
#suoutingclub follow us on Insta @SUoutingclub
November 4th Scav hunt Meg
November 10th @6:30PM Reel Rock $7 student, $10 F/S, $15 Other Meg
10/20 THIS FRIDAY CPR and First Aid Evie
10/22 Oakwood Forage fun Patty Kaishian
AFTER THIS Patch Meeting Evan (610)295-9089
Nov 3rd and on Roll Sessions Jessie Grant
always Wanna be a backpacking leader? Mike Mahoney (781)812-8842
Thursday @ hamilton college (its free) No Man’s Land Meg

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