The Equipment Room

The Equipment Room (E-Room) is where we store all of the club gear. You can also go up to the E-Room to just hang out, meet cool people, thumb through our collection of outdoor print and visual media, or learn all kinds of new skills.

Open Hours

Weekly open hours are held from 7-9 pm Wednesday and Thursday evenings (just one day during the summer to be decided by the E-Room Chair) for you to sign out or return gear for a club trip or rent gear for your own private trip (check out our super cheap rates below).


The E-Room is located in the Skybarn (big red building with Fix-it trucks parked in front) on Farm Acre Rd on South Campus.

Taking the bus? Hop on the Winding Ridge, Slocum Heights, or South Campus bus at College Place on Main Campus and get off at first stop on South Campus, right at the intersection of Farm Acre Rd. and Chinook Dr. From there, walk deeper into South Campus on Farm Acre Rd and look for a red barn type building with Fix-It vans parked in the lower lot in front.

NOTE: We’re located at the entrance on the opposite side of the building from the road. If you’re in the parking lot, there’s a paved path between the two buildings that loops around back to our door.

Borrowing Equipment for a Club Trip

If you are going on an official club trip, you may borrow any equipment you need FREE OF CHARGE!

Check to see if your trip has a designated E-Room night when the leader will be there specifically to assist people with gearing up for your trip. If you can’t make it to the E-Room at that time, be sure to let them know and make any necessary arrangements.

IMPORTANT: Gear is lent/rented out for a period of one week (or until the next week’s regular E-Room hours in the case of short vacations), unless specific arrangements have been made with our E-Room staff. Please be diligent about returning equipment in a timely manner so that we don’t have shortages of equipment for others to use. If you fail to return your gear within a reasonable period of time, we may assess you for late fees or ultimately request a hold on your bursar’s account until the situation is addressed. So return your gear, or deal with the headache that’s going to result from having a hold on your account. Either one… But we’d prefer if you returned your gear.

Gear Rental

As a service to our members, we also rent (not so much a rental fee, more of a maintenance fee) a limited selection of equipment for personal trips at very competitive rates.

Do I need to be a SUOC member? Yes, you need to be a current member to rent items. To become a member, ask around or check out our guide, here.

Do I need to rent equipment for an club trip? No. Anyone on an offical club trip can borrow any equipment they need for that trip free of charge! You only need to rent equipment if you are doing your own trip and are not a SUOC trip leader.

What equipment is available for rental? You can find a table of specific items below. We do NOT rent technical equipment, such as caving, climbing, whitewater, or rescue gear, for example.

What is the availability of equipment? Club trips always receive priority on equipment before rentals, so availability will change from day to day and week to week. There are no reservations, so call or drop by the E-Room to see what’s available.

How long can I rent stuff for? All rentals are for a period of ONE week by default. In case of extended E-Room closing – vacations, for example – equipment must be returned at the next E-Room open hours (regular hours during the school year are 7-9pm Wed & Thurs, weekly). If you would like to rent for a longer period of time, talk with the E-Room staff.

How do rental fees work? See the table below for specific rates. We charge both a non-refundable rental fee and a refundable security deposit which you can recover when you return all of the borrowed items in good condition. The deposit can be paid with either cash or a check (if you pay with a check, we will not cash it until after we contact you). Both the rental fee and deposit are due in full at the time of rental.

Are there late fees? You will be charged the standard rate for each week equipment is borrowed. Ultimately, we may also cash your deposit (in addition to the rental fee) and/or request a hold on your bursar’s account for long-overdue rentals. The bottom line is that everyone in the club depends on having gear available, so please return your borrowed items on time!

What If I’ve damaged or lost equipment? You are responsible for any damage incurred through negligence or misuse, or if items are lost. We may keep a portion or all of your deposit in such circumstances. You are not, however, responsible for normal wear and tear on equipment.

How do I care for borrowed items? Many pieces of equipment require special care to maintain their utility and safety. Ask the E-Room staff or our trip leaders for pointers on how to keep gear in good condition and help make sure you’ll get your deposit back!

Questions? Ask for one of the E-Room staff or the E-Room Chair.


Item Rental Fee Deposit
Backpack $15 $150
3-Season Sleeping Bag $10 $100
Winter Sleeping Bag $15 $150
Sleeping Pad $5 $30
Tent $20 $250
Stove & Cook Set $5 $50
Water Filter $5 $30
Bear Canister $30
Gaiters $5 $40
Basic Backpacking Package (1 person) – includes: 1 backpack, 1 sleeping bag, 1 sleeping pad $30 $280
Backpacking Package (2 people) – includes: 2 backpacks, 2 sleeping bags, 2 sleeping pads, 1 tent, stove, cooking set, water filter, & bear canister $90 $920



Item Rental Fee Deposit
Drybag $5 $20
Life Jacket $5 $50
Canoe Paddle $5 $50
Kayak Paddle $10 $100
Canoe Package (2 people) – includes: Canoe, 2 Canoe Paddles, & 2 Life Jackets $30 $1200
Touring Kayak Package (1 person) – includes: Touring Kayak, Kayak Paddle, Life Jacket, & Sprayskirt $20 $800



Item Rental Fee Deposit
Climbing Shoes $10 $80
Climbing Helmet $50
Bouldering Pad $15 $150


Skiing & Snowshoeing

Item Rental Fee Deposit
Cross-Country Skiis, Boots, & Poles $10 $80
Snowshoes & Poles $10 $80


Medical Kit

$100 rental fee to cover use of supplies