Socially Distant SUOC

MEETINGS: Will be over Zoom on Tuesdays at 7:30pm.

TEMPERATURE CHECKS: All trip participants are required to pass a temperature check on the morning of the trip. Admission to E-Room hours will also require a temperature check.

Leaders: the thermometer is on the wooden table in front of the chalkboard in the E-Room. It’s a one-button forehead scan thermometer, super easy to use.

E-ROOM HOURS: by appointment in 20 minute time increments. No more than 11 people in the E-Room total, wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

Sign-up for E-Room Hours Here
Leaders should sign up for larger time slots under the ‘Leader’ section, and participants will pick a slot within that time. Contact Ethan Smith with questions.

GEAR: Hard/Metal and plastic gear will be sanitized after each trip by the trip leader, who will confirm with the E-Room Chair. Fabric gear (ropes, PFDs, etc.) are difficult to sanitize, so they should just not be used two days in a row. (COVID doesn’t live very long on fabric)

CARS: No more than two households in a car. That means generally a maximum of two people, a passenger, and a driver; one passenger should be up from. Windows should be open if weather permits and masks should be worn. If people going on the same trip live in the same household (or dorm room), then they count as 1 person.

DISTANCE: All trips are limited by SU to within a 2-hour driving distance, or generally the CNY area.

COVID TESTING: All trip participants must have a negative COVID test from within the past 14 days.

: All trips, except for mountain biking trips to Skytop, are limited to 6 people.

MASKS: Masks are to be worn at all times on SUOC trips. Exceptions: mountain biking when riders are appropriately distanced on the trail, and climbing when the climbing is >15ft above the belayer. For hiking, masks are not required when social distancing is possible, at the discretion of the leader.

OVERNIGHT TRIPS: Overnight trips are discouraged, and will be only for the purposes of ghost leads and education. All overnight trips need to show a negative COVID test the week of the trips and need to be approved by the executive council.