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SUOC Facebook GROUP – fun things Fcbk Group
SUOC Facebook PAGE – outreach stuff Fcbk Page
Instagram – @SUoutingclub Instagram
Eroom Hours Membership is $10 for this semester Stephanie 5183903667
Aftermeeting Playground – 126 Harvard Place Meg (518)538-4420
after the after meeting Aftermeeting ooober – if you need a ride back to campus after the aftermeeting, talk to Meg Meg (518)538-4420
March 9th-18th SPRING BREAAAKK – we got to WV to cave, rock climb, and hike ($165 or $100 for drivers) Steph 5183903667
ALWAYS Bring Gas Money for your drivers!!
Always Wanna be a backpacking leader? Mike Mahoney (781)812-8842
always SUOC SWAGGGG – soft shellz Stephanie 5183903667
always MAKE A CAVE Molly
Always wanna be the best skier on the mountain? Garret
Always Go biking, learn biking things Lee (315)200-7005
always CRG is OPEN – SUOCers get a discount! Nate (or Jess)
Always Wanna learn rock climbing stuff? Ben
Always Patchwork?? Wanna be a pc member? do werk Evan
5/10-5/18 WFR course for the week after finals end in May – REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN ($450) Evie (317)979-1844
This semester Cold water/swiftwater rescue clinic Jake 607-351-0270
2/18 Ski Mountaineering Clinic Colin (484)889-7766
Spring Break Talent Show (+other stuff) for Adidas Terrex swag Jess
Tuesday 2/27 11:30-2pm BAKE SALE 😀 make stuff to sell pls Molly
Look at Salamanders Tim 5714350680
ASAP? Fundraiser – we need to borrow ur kitchen appliances! Pls halp Jess
Always ADK Climbers Coalition “please join” ITS FREE Ben (Wes)
4/21-22 WFA course in April ($250 – discount for 4 SUOCers available)
Sat 1-4pm Outdoor Club from another school – Tupperlake Brewski GABE KAHN 3154809366
2/27 Patch Council Meeting
Fri March 23rd Roll Sessions start – YOU MUST SIGN UP Jake
LeanToRescue – help build stuff, go backpacking, meet nice people, eat good food Mike Mahoney 7818128842


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Miss the meeting? Sign up here until Wednesdays at 12 PM!


Trip When Where Meet E-room Limit Leader FUN? Contact Sign Up Leader View Sheet
Beg dayhike Wed Clark Res 128 Red @ 8 AM none 3 Meg extreme adventure 5185384420
brg mtn biking sun South eroom 2pm none none Lee fun? (315)200-7005
rock climbing clinic Friday Eroom Eroom @ 530 ? Kevan 6102959089
int mtn biking sun South Eroom 4pm none none Lee fun? (315)200-7005
beg day hike sat South of here, waterfall probable Recess @10am none 6 mike waterfalls 7818128842
Brewski overnight ($10?) Fri-Sat? Saranac Lake Eroom Friday none cars polar brews
rock climbing clinic wed Eroom Eroom @ 7 none none Steph education 5183903667
Vert School Thurs eroom eroom @7PM none 2 Tim Bova also education
Vert School Weekend TBD eroom eroom @ when you can none 2 Molly even more education
Beg Day hike Sunday TBA recess @10am none cars Steve sure does (315)399-9398
Rock CLimbing now-“day i die” find me find me none john john john john
climbing now-april adk/gunks/? adk/gunks/? none john otto john 845-705-0628