Join The Club

So you want to join the club!

This page contains all of the forms you will need to fill out broken down in an easy 5 step process.

These steps are in this order for a reason. DO NOT do them out of order, or else.

SUOC is now considered a “Club Sport” by SU we now have to fill out two additional forms.

Step 1.

Fill out the new SU Club Sports agreement which can be found here.

Step 2.

Complete the SUOC Member Registration Form which can be found here.

Step 3.

You will be emailed the Sexual Assault Prevention for Student Athletes and the Alcohol Education programs after we receive your form.

You should be able to log in to them using your SU netid and password.

You don’t necessarily need to complete these entire programs before moving on to the next step but they should be completed in a timely manner as they are mandatory.

Step 4.

If you are a new member and have yet to go out on a SUOC trip you can come back to this step later because


If you have already been your first trip or you’re a sweaty returning SUOCer looking to get another year of adventures for little more than the pile of change stuck in the seats of your rusty Subaru, its time to talk about dues.

It’ll be just Fifteen George Washingtons ($15) for you undergrads to get a whole year worth of destroying our gear and having a great time. You can even do just one semester of fun for a measly $10, if you’re into having LESS FUN that is.

And for the non-undergrads it’s still only Twenty bucks ($20) for the whole dang year and just Fifteen Dolla-Dolla Bills ($15) for a single semester.

Now that you have signed up, done all your fancy official forms, and know how much your dues are for the year its time to hand over the money. THE ONLY WAY TO PAY IS BY VENMO paid to the current treasurer Sarah Baldwin by contacting her on Facebook, at the weekly meeting, or sending the fee directly to her Venmo: Sarah-Baldwin-48. 

Step 5.

Review our COVID guidelines for trips and now you get to go on some fun trips then tell all your friends about how much better than them you are!