Join The Club

So you want to join the club!  Follow our very easy, entirely necessary registration process (Steps 1-4), and you’ll be all set to go adventure.

Step 1 – Tell Us How to Contact You

Complete the super quick SUOC Member Registration Form!(

Step 2 – Create an IMLeagues Account

Go to and press “Create account” on the bottom of the page.

Enter “Syracuse University” as your school, regardless of whether you’re ESF/SU, and fill in the rest of the page. 

An “allow notification” screen will most likely pop-up. Hit your desired notification preference and it should automatically redirect you to the next page.

Step 3 – Join Our Team

Log in to your new account, and locate the “Syracuse University” drop-down menu on the top left of the screen. Open it, and press “Intermural Sports / Club Sports.”

In the new window, there’s a button for club sports on the top left. Click it, locate “SU Outing Club” on the list of sports and request to join using the “Join Team” button on the left side of the screen! Accept the waiver and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Enter your SUID and press “Send Request.” (For our ESF friends, just enter as many digits of your ESF ID number as you can and click “Send Request.”)

Shortly after, you should be accepted. Reach out to our treasurer Ryan ( if you’re not accepted within two days.

Step 4 – Forms Forms Forms

You will need to complete the following items BEFORE going on a trip:

1) Club Sports Release of Liability (Click on the requirement on IMLeagues, and fill out the form.) This step must be completed before your first trip!!

For more on how to Join IMLeagues and fill out the Waiver, watch this!

2) Concussion Training 

  • To access the reading, click “my forms” on the top left of the sports club page. You’ll have to locate the “Concussion Training PDF” and study it for the quiz.
  • To access the quiz, click on the requirement, then click “Export” on the top left of the new window. The link will then pop up. 
  • Complete the quiz and submit a screenshot of your score. Must be at least 15/18 to pass.
For more on completing the Concussion training on IMLeagues, watch this!

3) Vector Trainings

  • Log in to Vector Training Programs with your NetID (what comes before your and password.
  • Once you finish the trainings, download your completion certificates, and upload them into the IMLeagues forms.
  • If you don’t see any required trainings, email to assign them to you.
For more on completing the trainings, watch this!

Step 5 – Pay the Toll

Venmo Ryan, our Treasurer, your membership fee. If you’d prefer to pay with cash, you can pay Ryan at the meetings (Tuesdays at 7:30PM in LSB 001). For an entire year of adventures, membership fees are $20 for undergraduate students and $25 for graduate students.

(For one semester, dues are only $15 for undergraduates and $20 for graduates.)

If you’re new to SUOC and not quite sure yet if it’s for you, you are permitted to go on one trip before sending us your membership fee. All other registration actions must be completed before you attend your second trip.

Our Treasurer’s Venmo is @Ryan-Olivier-Meehan.

Any problems?

Please reach out to Ryan Olivier-Meehan (Treasurer) at 🙂