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See the list of current leaders, here.

Potential leaders for this activity need to meet several criteria. Proficiency as a XC skiing leader is evaluated by current leaders in the activity and the leadership chairperson. Only those that meet all of the criteria will be allowed to lead trips on their own. The following is a list of the criteria potential leaders must meet:


Current Certification in First Aid and CPR


Knows the basic difference between use of cross country skis and backcountry skis

Knows the difference between the different kinds of bindings

Knows and understands the difference between wax and waxless skis (smooth and fish scale skis)

Knows the differences between hot and wet wax, there use and how they are both applied (and removed…)

Understands how to care for the skis (and how to recognize problems with the skis and bindings)

Application of hot and wet wax, removal of wax, how to sharpen edges, ect

Can to recognize a broken pole, binding or ski

Can correctly fit someone to a pair of skis, boots and poles


Understands and knows basic skiing terms (like hot wax, herringboning, ect)

Ability to correctly glide on cross country skis

Demonstrates ability to use poles correctly

Demonstrates ability to be able to get up hills correctly (or can at least be able to explain the best way)

Demonstrates ability to go down hills (or at least in theory how to get down hills and explain this others)

Demonstrates ability to ski on both groomed trails, and demonstrates ability to break trail


Knows how to prevent, recognize and treat hypothermia

Knows how to prevent, recognize and treat frostbite

Understands the risks involved with skiing

Is able to read maps, topography and is able to use a compass to navigate


Is able to provide effective communication to beginners and those seeking cross country leadership


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