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of the
Syracuse University Outing Club


Syracuse University, Syracuse New York, 13210


Article I — Name

This organization shall be known as the Syracuse University Outing Club. Within this document, reference to ‘a club’ or ‘the club’ is a reference to the Syracuse University Outing Club.

Article II — Mission Statement

As students of Syracuse University, we establish this constitution for the government of the Syracuse University Outing Club in order to:

  1. Offer an outing program to satisfy a need for outdoor recreation other than formal athletics.
  2. Bring students together in congenial friendships of outing activities.
  3. Offer a program that is healthful, valuable, yet inexpensive.
  4. Build certain fine and integral traditions at Syracuse.
  5. Provide a program of such excellence that these experiences shall form a part of the cherished memories of the Alma Mater.
  6. Instill an appreciation for our natural environment and to promote a wilderness ethic.

Article III — Membership

Sect.1 Eligibility

Membership shall be open to all registered students, faculty, alumni, staff and friends of Syracuse University.Sect.2

Sect.2 Fees

The fee for membership shall be set by the Executive Council with approval by the Patch Council.
The membership period shall extend from September to September.
Semester and summer memberships will also be offered.

Sect.3 Privileges

All members shall receive a membership card and be entitled to all the privileges of general membership. These include:

  • Access to gear that the Equipment Chair deems appropriate as stated in Article VI Sect.2.
  • The ability to vote and run in officer elections.

Sect.4 Honorary Memberships

Honorary memberships may be given to those persons approved by the Executive Council for the period of one year.

Sect.5 Life Memberships

Life memberships shall be given to:

  • Those persons approved by the Executive Council.
  • Ex-presidents.
  • Those persons who have been members of S.U. Outing Club for four or more consecutive years.

Article IV — Election of Officers

Sect.1 Officers

The following officers shall be elected: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Sect.2 Qualifications for Holding Office

All elected officers must be registered undergraduate students at the time of the election.
The President shall have been a club member for at least one calendar year, with exceptions granted by Patch Council.

Sect.3 Nominations

At the second meeting after spring break, officers are nominated by members at the general meeting.
Absentee nominations shall be accepted only with the submission of the ballot to an Executive Council member. Self nominations are accepted.
All nominations must be seconded by another club member for the nomination to be official.
Names of nominees shall be listed alphabetically under each office and posted publicly.
There will be no write-ins.

Sect.4 Election

All members shall be given at least one week advance notice regarding the time and place of elections, which shall be held one week after the nomination meeting.
The presiding President shall not have a vote during elections unless there is a tie vote, in which case the President may add his or her vote to the final tally.
Elections shall be decided by a majority vote of all present club members.
All present club members may vote for as many candidates as they please.
At the discretion of the President, votes may be collected in the form of a raised hand count or the submission of a paper ballot.
Absentee ballots shall be accepted only with the submission of the ballot to an Executive Council member.
The officers are to be elected in this order, but may be changed as the President sees fit:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Sect.5 Term of Office

The term of office shall be from election until the next regular election.
Outgoing officers shall act as advisors to their successors until the end of the school year.

Article V — Duties of Officers

Sect.1 President

The President shall have the authority and responsibility to:

  • Preside at all meetings of the club.
  • Appoint positions whose appointment is not otherwise provided for.
  • Direct all committees in their duties which are discussed in Article X Sect.2.
  • Direct and assist other officers in the fulfillment of their duties.
  • Act as or appoint a member to act as the official representative of the club at all University and inter-club functions such as advisory councils, sport club meetings, etc.

Sect.2 Vice President

The Vice President shall have the authority and responsibility to:

  • Be the general assistant to the President in the performance of their duties.
  • Have the full title, powers, and responsibilities of the President in the event that the President is no longer qualified or capable of performing their duties, including in the instance of impeachment.
  • Be responsible for planning S.U.O.C. events when necessary.

Sect.3 Treasurer

The Treasurer shall have the authority and responsibility to:

  • Keep permanent records of all income and cash disbursements.
  • Present a financial report whenever requested by the President.
  • Have their records available for inspection at all times.
  • Be personally responsible for all money received.
  • Pay out all necessary and proper sums.
  • Be the sole signer of checks and S.G.A. requisitions.
  • Appoint an acting Treasurer in the event the Treasurer is not available over the summer.

Sect.4 Secretary

The Secretary shall have the authority and responsibility to:

  • Keep a permanent record of all meetings.
  • Maintain a file of the minutes of all Patch Council meetings.
  • Maintain all correspondence with affiliated organizations as stated under Article XIII.
  • Keep a record on all new members.
  • Maintain all other correspondence as directed by the President.
  • Duplicate copies in file of all correspondence.
  • Perform other duties as prescribed by the President.

Sect.5 Member at Large Leadership Chair

The Member at Large Leadership Chair shall have the authority and responsibility to:

  • Promote and encourage those members who have leadership traits to become new club activity leaders.
  • Maintain and improve the high level of leadership qualities already held among the present club leaders.
  • Maintain an up-to-date record of current activity leaders.

Sect.6 Member at Large Publicity Chair

The Member at Large Publicity Chair shall have the authority and responsibility to:

  • Handle all advertising needs for club meetings and events.

Sect.7 Member at Large First Aid Chair

The Member at Large First Aid Chair shall have the authority and responsibility to:

  • Maintain first aid kits and supplies on a regular basis.
  • Arrange for Red Cross Standard First Aid certification of members (particularly for leadership).
  • Arrange for Wilderness First Aid certification and Wilderness First Responder certification courses whenever feasible.

Sect.8 Member at Large Budget Chair

The Member at Large Budget Chair shall have the authority and responsibility to:

  • Be in charge of the spending of club’s budget for club gear in all activities.
  • Collect and submit purchase orders to the Department of Recreation Services for all gear purchases.
  • Submit the following academic year’s budget proposal to the Department of Recreation Services.

Article VI — Equipment Chair

Sect.1 Appointments

Equipment Chair is appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Council.
If an assistant Equipment Chair is warranted, they shall be appointed by the President with the approval of Executive Council.

Sect.2 Duties

The Equipment Chair shall have the authority and responsibility to:

  • Oversee the distribution, collection, and maintenance of equipment.
  • Make all Equipment Room policies, subject to approval of Executive Council.

Article VII — Impeachment and Replacement of Officers

Sect.1 Impeachment

An officer may be impeached at a Patch Council meeting by any member of Patch Council, and shall be removed by a two-thirds vote of Patch Council at a subsequent meeting with majority approval of the general membership.
Activity Chairs and any appointed officer may be removed from their position by the President with the majority approval of Executive Council.

Sect.2 Replacement

In the case of resignation or removal of any officer except President:
The Executive Council must notify all members that there will be a designated election meeting and call for nominations for the empty position.
Nominations may be made as per the protocol of a regular election as described in Article IV Sect.3.
Voting shall take place at a subsequent meeting and be publicized at least one week in advance.
In the event of the resignation, removal, or impeachment of the President:
The Vice President will assume all of the presidential duties as specified in Article V Sect.2.
At the discretion of Executive Council, a special election may be held to replace the Vice President as described above.

Article VIII — Executive Council

Sect.1 Membership

Shall consist of the elected officers plus two Members-at-Large, elected at the general election, plus the Equipment Chairman.

Sect.2 Duties

The Executive Council shall have the authority and responsibility to:

  • Determine club policies listed in Article XII, subject to veto by a majority of Patch Council.
  • Approve of Club Activities.
  • Aid the President in the selection of appointed positions.
  • Oversee activities of the club.
  • Select members to serve as temporary acting officers or members at large when needed, pending a special election as outlined in Article VII, Sect.2.
  • Provide constructive criticism of the activities and conduct of elected or representative members as related to the club.
  • Select a Club Advisor from university faculty and staff members that are interested in such a position when needed as stated under Article XI Sect.2 as explained under Article XI Sect.2.

Sect.3 Meetings

Executive Council meetings shall be held at the call of any Executive Council member.

Article IX — Patch Council

Sect.1 Membership

Patch Council shall consist of Patch members and the Executive Council, with Patch membership qualifications set by Executive Council with the approval of the general membership.

Sect.2 Domain

The Patch Council shall have sole vote over fiscal policy.

Sect.3 Meetings

Patch Council meetings must be announced during a regular club meeting one week in advance.
Those Patch Council members present at the Patch Council meeting shall be considered a quorum.
Meetings are open to the general membership.

Article X — Activity Committees

Sect.1 Definition

The club shall maintain committees for each activity in which it participates. The membership of each committee shall consist of all qualified leaders in the activity for which the activity was formed.

Sect.2 Duties

It shall be the duty of each committee to:

  • Elect a Chair from its ranks.
  • Determine qualifications for leadership in its own activity.
  • Be responsible for the qualification of leaders in its own activity, with approval of Executive Council.
  • Promote its activity within both the club and University communities, and aim to extend both participation and leadership in its activity to outside members.

Sect.3 Activity Chairs

It shall be the duty of each Activity Chair to:

  • Maintain and improve the high quality of leaders and trips within their activity.
  • Maintain and improve their activity’s gear and space within the Equipment Room.
  • Coordinate with the Budget Chair to spend the club’s budget for club gear within their activity.

Article XI — Faculty Relations

Sect.1 Meetings

There will always be an open invitation to all university faculty members to attend any meeting of the Outing Club.

Sect.2 Club Advisor

Executive Council is responsible for selecting a Club Advisor when needed from university faculty and staff as stated in Article VIII Sect.2.

Article XII — Policies

Sect.1 Political and Religious Affiliations

The club shall not be aligned with any political or religious group. It shall be known as a non-political group, and shall endorse no candidate in any election.

Sect.2 Campus Issues

It shall maintain a neutral attitude in regard to all questions and problems subject to discussion on campus, except where it concerns the Outing Club.

Sect.3 Name Usage

The consent of Executive Council must be obtained by any group using the name “Syracuse University Outing Club”.

Sect.4 Voting

General membership shall vote on the election of officers as explained in Article IV and all matters not specifically designated to others.

Article XIII — Affiliated Organizations

The Outing Club may join other organizations as is consistent with its Mission Statement. The Secretary shall maintain correspondence with affiliated organizations as stated in their duties, listed under Article V Sect.4.

Article XIV — Bylaws

Sect. 1 Origins

Bylaws shall originate in Patch Council and be approved by the general membership by majority vote.

Sect.2 Accessibility

A list of Bylaws shall be available to members upon request.

Article XV — Amendment Procedure

Sect.1 Requirements

Any Patch Council member may propose amendments to this Constitution.
All club members must be notified of proposed Constitutional amendments at least one week before the vote to pass them is to take place. The substance of those proposed amendments must be provided within that notification.

Sect.2 Voting

This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the present voting members at the regular meeting when the vote is taken.

Article XVI — Ratification

This constitution shall become effective upon ratification of the Executive Council and a majority of the members present at a general meeting for that purpose.

Note: This constitution supersedes all previous constitutions.