Get Involved

How Do I Get Involved?

We hold meetings every regular Tuesday of the school year at 7:30pm to go over announcements for the week, tell stories from the previous week’s trips, and announce upcoming trips. Those present will also get first dibs on trip signups.

If you can’t make meetings, don’t worry! All of the trips and announcements for that week will be posted here on the website after the meeting. You can also subscribe to our email listserv and join our Facebook group to stay up-to-date with the club.

Membership & Fees

Membership is open to anyone and everyone regardless of affiliation with ESF or SU, and entitles you to free use of all club gear on all club sponsored trips and ability to vote on issues that require approval of the general membership. Dues are $10/$15 a semester/year for undergraduate students and $15/$20 a semester/year for all others, and you do not have to pay until after your first trip!

To start your membership you can find all of the necessary information here. We do not charge any additional fees per trip; we simply ask that you help your drivers pay for gas to ensure that those with cars will continue to be willing to take us where we want to go.

There are no obligations! You can join at any time, participate in any way you like, and go on as many or as few trips as you want.

How Do Trips Work?

Trips are announced at the weekly general meeting, on the listserv, or in the Facebook group. You can sign-up for trips at the meeting or contact the leader of the trips you are interested in to see if there’s any space remaining. Even if there are more people signed up for a trip than the leader is planning to take, sign up anyway! Spaces open up for trips regularly. If you have any questions or concerns about a trip, feel free to ask your leader.

If you need to borrow any club gear for your trip, your leader will have announced an E-Room night during trip announcements. Swing by the E-Room that night during E-Room hours (Wednesday and Thursday from 7-9PM) to grab any gear you need, or contact your leader if you can’t make that night.

After you go on your trip, come to the next meeting and help tell your trip story! Make sure you clean and return all the gear you borrowed during that week’s E-Room hours, too.

What If I’m a Beginner?

If we say a trip is open to beginners, we mean it! We can teach you any skills you need for a trip, just so long as you ask your leader beforehand. Certain trips – whitewater kayaking and vertical caving, for example – require you to attend seminars in the basic skills before you can go out on the trips.

How Do I Get There?

For transportation on trips, we carpool in personal vehicles. As mentioned before, the availability and willingness of people with cars to drive is very important to our ability to get out, so be sure to help your drivers pay for gas!

So come and join us for some awesome getaways, good times, and breath of fresh air!